Google is currently testing its fresh feature in the search outcomes that enables searchers to have the search results filtered approximately by the time they read an article of the standard size.

The given tool can be accessed via the Tools filter. Having dropped down from the tab it tells “any duration.” After this, the Internet is free to choose from the available three time durations:

  • Long (more than 20 minutes);
  • Medium (from 4 to 20 minutes);
  • Short (no more than 4 minutes).

While sharing the same UI with the video tab search, the tool ensures sorting built around video length, the version picks up depending on content length as well as estimated reading time. However, it’s not suited for video search because it’s available exactly in the “All” tab and not in the “Video” tab.

Apparently, it resembles the old-school filters in the search outcomes where users could filter search outcomes by simply reading them. Those filters were removed a couple of years ago.