What is Web design?

What is Web design?

When it comes to web design, lines, shapes and colors come to mind. However, web design does not consist of only lines and shapes. The most important element for web design is codes. Coding should be done in line with the standards created by the world web association. While the web page can be opened by anyone, the web site design work cannot be done by everyone. Professional web designers are called webmasters. There are many programs for web design . Paint, Photoshop and fireworks are among the top of these programs. Many web designers use Photoshop, but Fireworks is the main program to be used because it is produced for web design and it will be more useful. Web site design  are of two types. These are called static website and dynamic website. Static websites are sites with fixed content. It has no panels. Even if updates are made on these sites that do not require updates, they are made once a year. It is a simple web design. Dynamic websites are the opposite of static websites. They are active sites. It has panels. The site owner can easily update the site using these panels. Even the staff working with you can update these practical sites and change their content. Dynamic websites are more useful sites. Its content can be changed every day.

Many institutions have been established to provide web site design services. Those who want to open a website or renew the design of the existing site benefit from these companies. These companies that provide web site design services should be opened by responsible persons. People who want to establish such a company should think a lot and make a decision. Because the organizations that will receive assistance from these companies mostly design for commercial purposes. In other words, companies that sell on the internet look at the web design as advertising and this web site designapplications are advertisements. Firms aim to make more sales with their web designs. Making sales on the Internet enabled the distribution of products to more regions and at the same time, competition between companies started. Since 2011, the rate of online sales has increased by 30%. The fact that companies make their product sales over the internet enables them to reach more customers. The sales of the companies with very good web design have increased and other companies have left the background. Some companies have announced their brands through their websites. Thanks to this, companies have made a profit. Thus, the importance of the design of websites has started to increase. Web site design work should be done by experts.


Those who want to get training on web site design . They should be written in web design courses. Website design courses are paid. Coding and visual drawing training are provided in web site design training courses. Those who want to improve the visuals of the website and those who want to present their projects on the web should write to these courses. The benefits of these paid courses are many. It is the best method for creating a better web design.

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